Han So Hee Gives Fans Another Rare Glimpse Of Her Hip Tattoo

We love to see it.

Actress Han So Hee is known for her luxurious and elegant image. No wonder she was chosen as a model for DIOR Beauty!

Han So Hee for DIOR Beauty.

Contrary to her current image, Han So Hee sported a more casual street style before her debut as an actress. In fact, she had multiple tattoos on her arms and body, most of which were erased when she went into acting.

Pre-debut Han So Hee. | @baeksquit0/Twitter

Occasionally, fans are treated to glimpses of her past self via her hip tattoo. The hip tattoo seems to be the only known one she has kept.

| @xeesoxee/Instagram

The hip tattoo is usually spotted when she dresses down for casual appearances such as airport sightings.

It seems like Han So Hee is getting more comfortable with letting fans catch a glimpse of her tattoo! It was on display once more on April 15, 2023, when she returned from a DIOR Beauty overseas event.

The low-rise jeans and crop top gave fans a good view of her tattoo.

Fans were thrilled to be able to see her tattoo! Not only is she a talented actress, but her down-to-earth personality and humble roots keep fans in the boat.

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