Actress Han So Hee Swept Up The Votes In A Blind Survey Amongst Other Celebrities

She’s the hottest star in 2021.

It’s no news that actress Han So Hee is gorgeous! It’s no wonder that she would be equally as popular with her peers as well as her fans. She’s basically perfect.

| Joongang Daily

She recently attended the 2021 Asia Artist Awards (AAA) and they held a blind survey backstage. The other celebrities present could participate by voting for the celebrity that they wanted to see the most at the awards show. While it was no surprise that Lee Jung Jae (top left) swept votes due to his fame in Squid Game

…Han So Hee did not slouch in the votes department either. She not only scored the most votes amongst female celebrities (top right) but also the most votes overall. While Lee Jung Jae scored 9 votes, she won with 14. 2021 is definitely her year to shine.

Other artists that won more than 5 votes include Yoo Ah In (9 votes), Cha Eun Woo (6 votes), Hwang Min Hyun (6 votes), Heo Sung Tae (7 votes) and Lee Do Hyun (9 votes). Congrats to all the artists at the AAA!

Source: Pann