Actress Han Ye Seul Firmly Denies BLACKPINK Jennie’s Involvement In Her Breakup With Producer Teddy

“I don’t know why BLACKPINK’s Jennie was brought into the matter…”

Back in the day, rumors had been swirling, about BLACKPINK‘s Jennie being the cause for the breakup between producer Teddy and actress Han Ye Seul. YG Entertainment had swiftly but firmly denied the rumors and claimed to be taking legal action against such groundless rumors.

In her recent “tell-all” video, Han Ye Seul firmly denied this claim. She not only has never met Jennie before but also revealed that the breakup between her and Teddy was a natural one.

Our public relationship was a famous one, and I am absolutely certain I loved him. When men and women date, they could break up. I don’t know why people assume that there was an issue or someone cheated when people breakup. I’ve always dated and broken up naturally, and that was the case for Teddy as well. I also don’t know why BLACKPINK’s Jennie was brought into the matter. Perhaps as they are from the same company, YG Entertainment? I don’t know the history between the two but anyway I have never met her. He met with this person and I was dumped? This is totally not true.

— Han Ye Seul

She continued to share that breakups between couples are a natural occurrence and highlighted the fact that she and Teddy had similarly broken up on their own.

Previously, she also denied a rumor that she had slapped Jennie, via a comment on her Instagram. Catch her explanation below.