Han Ye Seul Responds To More Rumors, Including One About BLACKPINK’s Jennie

“Is it true that you slapped Jennie?”

Actress Han Ye Seul has always received attention for her eclectic personality, but also for her refreshing ability to converse with her fans in unique ways. She recently took to her Instagram page to respond to some of the comments and potential rumors that were left on her most recent upload.

The actress shared a bright photo of herself wearing a neon yellow bodysuit and some trendy jeans. She flexed by posing on her magenta Lamborghini with the caption, “I will talk about all the rumors soon. Please look forward to it!”

This post garnered heavy attention and many followers began leaving comments addressing the actress’s past rumors. One follower asked about a rumor regarding BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and whether or not Han Ye Seul actually slapped her.

| @han_ye_seul_/Instagram

Commenter: “Is it true that you slapped Jennie?”
Han Ye Seul: “I have never met Jennie-sshi before.”

She responded to a different comment and this time, her fan left supporting words for the actress, but while putting down her boyfriend. They shared that they were looking out for Han Ye Seul as a fan, to which the actress responded by saying,

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Commenter: “Don’t become a victim like Nancy Lang and listen to the people around you. If the men around you are saying it’s not true, they’re lying. I’m only saying this as your fan.”
Han Ye Seul: “I have a lot of dating experience, but this guy is the real deal.”

Even in the face of her Burning Sun allegations, Han Ye Seul kept her cool and responded calmly.

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Commenter: “When are you going to address the Burning Sun rumors?”
Han Ye Seul: “There’s beauty in patience. Please wait a little longer.”

When asked if she would be taking legal action against all of the false rumors, Han Ye Seul asked her fan to be patient as lawsuits take years to process.

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Commenter: “Not just the rumors, but you should file lawsuits. Please reveal the truth.”
Han Ye Seul: “It takes 2 or more years for a lawsuit so until then, you just wait.”

There was one particular fan who stood by Han Ye Seul’s side and declared that for love, this is how one should act. Han Ye Seul responded in the most Han Ye Seul way possible.

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Commenter: “This is how you do love.”
Han Ye Seul: “I will protect my man.”

Finally, the actress responded to a follower who had a lot to say about former reporter and Garo Sero Institute host, Kim Yong Ho. He is the person responsible for starting the rumors about Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend, which led to the entire controversy.

| @han_ye_seul_/Instagram

Commenter: “Wow, the fact that Mr. Kim ajusshi talked about all these rumors and they were true, it’s shocking…how the heck does he know these things.”
Han Ye Seul: “He’s good at taking the truth about my life and creatively overdramatizing them.”

Actress Han Ye Seul.

While Han Ye Seul is no stranger to malicious comments and rumors, she became an even bigger target due to the recent news about her boyfriend and his alleged background.

Former reporter Kim Yong Ho from the controversial YouTube channel, Garo Sero Institute released a shocking tell-all video that accused Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend of being a male escort in the past. Shortly after, Dispatch released more details regarding her boyfriend’s background, which caused a public uproar, leading to severe backlash towards the actress. In the midst of the ongoing controversy, Han Ye Seul confessed that she did, in fact meet her boyfriend at a karaoke bar, but didn’t include more details about his past work history.

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