Dispatch Reveals The Supposed Truth Behind Han Ye Seul’s Boyfriend’s Background

Dispatch claimed he would meet married women.

Dispatch has revealed some details regarding Han Ye Seul‘s boyfriend’s background, revealing he did work at an illegal entertainment venue, which was also where they met.

Back on May 13, Han Ye Seul revealed her boyfriend to the public through her personal Instagram. YTN then revealed that his name is Ryu Sung Jae, who is 10 years younger than her (born in 1991), and previously promoted as an actor for a short period before deciding to return to the non-celebrity lifestyle. He majored in art in university, and acted in a number of theater plays, but is currently living as a regular citizen.

However, shortly following her reveal, rumors began to spread that her boyfriend used to be a male escort. She clapped back at the rumors, calling it a “Work of fiction” and openly defended her boyfriend.

In Dispatch’s report, they stated that several individuals have stepped up to talk to them, and shared details about his background, past activities, and even instances of fraud. First, Dispatch looked at the illegal element. Han Ye Seul and Ryu Sung Jae met at an illegally operating entertainment venue. The location, although it was registered as a regular restaurant, it was operating as a karaoke bar through secret rooms with male hosts. The location has since changed their signage to avoid crackdown from the district office.

Next, Dispatch looked at Ryu Sung Jae. His work as a male host is not illegal, however it does become problematic if a quid pro quo relationship develops, also known as a relationship where a favor is granted, and something else is expected in return. Dispatch was able to meet two people who were entertained by Ryu Sung Jae.

One individual stated that Ryu Sung Jae was working not with the intentions of being a host, but a Jaebi. A jaebi is a term that refers to men who sexually seduce women for personal reasons such as economic gain.

He was more like a jaebi rather than a host. A jaebi‘s goal is to get money from a sponsor.

— Individual “B”

According to “B”, the hosts are chosen by the female guests. The jaebi system that was used at the venue was based on a rotation system, so it takes a lot of money to appoint a specific individual as jaebi.

Another individual who provided photographic evidence to Dispatch told the media outlet that he even met married women and received money from them.

He received financial support from someone from Daechi-dong as well as both married and divorced women. He met married women several times, but he quit the place in September when he started dating Han Ye Seul.

— Individual “C”

Finally, a third individual claimed that Han Ye Seul tried to use her influence to get Ryu Sung Jae to debut as an actor.

Han Ye Seul tried to make her boyfriend debut as an actor. In the process, there was a disagreement with the company. She doesn’t mind cleaning up his identity.

— Individual “D”

Following the reports of his past, Ryu Sung Jae has turned his social media accounts to private. Dispatch claims he has also been trying to erase his past, unfollowing his former co-workers from the entertainment establishments he previously worked at.

In response to the report, Han Ye Seul’s agency stated that Dispatch’s report is not true.

After looking into it, the contents from the article are not true. We ask you to refrain from spreading speculation about their personal lives.

— High Entertainment

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