Actress Han Ye Seul Shockingly Revealed Her Boyfriend To The Public, Here’s What We Know About Him

Congratulations to Han Ye Seul and her boyfriend!

Actress Han Ye Seul revealed a picture of her boyfriend to the public through her personal Instagram account, shocking fans. Here are the details that were revealed about him.

Earlier on May 13, KST, Han Ye Seul uploaded a picture of herself at a restaurant, but the caption and the final picture were what shocked fans the most.

Introducing my boyfriend 🥰.

— Han Ye Seul

The final picture showcased her boyfriend and his handsome visuals, and naturally, the internet was shocked.

  • Heol unnie, congratulations. You’re so cool!
  • Always be happy, congratulations!
  • Noona, really???
  • OMG, Really, wish you happiness, rejoice ??😮😮😮
  • Unnie, is this real?!?

YTN then shared some details about Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend, revealing that he is 10 years younger than her (born in 1991) and previously promoted as an actor for a short period. However, he decided to return to the non-celebrity lifestyle. He majored in art in university, and acted in a number of theater plays, but is currently living as a regular citizen.

Han Ye Seul’s agency has yet to comment on her relationship status.

Source: YTN
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