Han Ye Seul Addresses Dispatch’s Report That Allegedly Reveal The Truth About Her Boyfriend

She wants to set the record straight.

Just a few hours ago, actress Han Ye Seul took to her Instagram account to address all of the allegations that have been made about her non-celebrity boyfriend.

The actress revealed her boyfriend Ryu Sung Jae to the public a few weeks ago and ever since, numerous rumors began to make headlines about her boyfriend’s supposed past as a male escort. While Han Ye Seul denied the first circulation of rumors, Dispatch released new alleged developments a day ago regarding her boyfriend’s “true” background, which involved married women, fraud, and more details about his life as an alleged male escort.

Han Ye Seul (right) and her boyfriend (left) | @han_ye_seul_/Instagram

As the new details about her boyfriend’s alleged background continue to make headlines, Han Ye Seul decided to take matters into her own hands by addressing all of the rumors in a lengthy Instagram post.

Hello, it’s Ye Seul.

I’m sure you all have been concerned due to all the ongoing rumors. I was busy filming today so I apologize for addressing it so late.

There’s a lot of people, people who are worried and people who are curious about it..I wanted to address it personally and tell everyone myself.

I didn’t want to hide anything, I wanted to share the news personally and be congratulated…the photos I uploaded to Instagram…everything is going against my plans so I’m upset too…however, since I started this, I want to talk about it in a Ye Seul-like way.

Firstly, I would like to address the rumors that have been made against my boyfriend, with whom I’ve been in a happy relationship with.

His previous job was a theater actor and it is true that he did work at a karaoke room as well. Many people believe that a host bar and a karaoke room are the same thing, but I believe that a karaoke room is more open.

He has a lot of energy and talent, which he received love for at an early age. While he wanted to work in places where his heart desired, he was not given many opportunities to…as time passed, he found himself going to places he enjoyed and as he found something he enjoyed, he didn’t want to hide any of it…

With this in mind, a few years ago, I went to this place (karaoke bar) with some of my acquaintances and that is where I first met my boyfriend. I learned what love was beginning in September of last year. September is after he left his job at the place…

He left like there were no morals left…
I wanted to be honest, as I usually am…I wanted to feel special as a woman and as Han Ye Seul. Instead of looking at my boyfriend’s past, I lived my life how I wanted to live it.
This is how I met my boyfriend and that was his job.

My boyfriend and I had a long discussion regarding the rumors about his alleged victims after reading news reports about it. It was during our discussion that he denied the allegations. Instead of believing the rumors that I never witnessed personally, I want to believe in my boyfriend and his sincerity.

Regarding the Lamborghini that I supposedly gifted my boyfriend. I wondered if that was something that I needed to do. That’s a car that I bought as a gift to myself. You will be able to see me driving my car soon.

My boyfriend currently does not have a car, and since I am in a more stable financial position, I have been driving one of my other cars, while he uses my car with a spare key.

In regards to the big issue that I somehow became the center of, I can’t even bring myself to write about it. I hope that the police department and the prosecution office will reveal the truth.

I won’t be able to reveal everything about my personal life, but I want to reiterate that everything I have written above is the truth. I hope that you will all stop worrying.

Also, I can’t guarantee how long I will be able to be in a happy relationship with my boyfriend since I can’t see the future. However, in my given moment, I will live gratefully.

Finally, I felt wronged and I was angry so all I could think about was suing everyone…however, the people in my life told me to use the legal fees that I would have spent on the lawsuits and instead, donate it to charity, which is what I did.

You can curse at me and accuse me of doing it as a publicity stunt. However, if I cower in fear because of you all, I would not be able to help those in need using the love I received from everyone. I didn’t want to lose that opportunity…I listened to those around me who had good things to tell me, but I want to thank all of you who have been concerned about my well-being.

I will work hard to fill the areas that I lack, and do even better in the areas that I’m good at.

I will greet you all tomorrow with brighter and happier Ye Seul!

P.S. I did this for all of you who have been worried about me and who have been with me through it all. It’s for your honor!
I will begin to sue those who write malicious comments for defamation of character! Please believe in me and continue to support me.

— Han Ye Seul @han_ye_seul_/Instagram

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