Actress Han Ye Seul Dishes About The Time She Dated A Chaebol Heir

Did she receive a luxury car from him?

Han Ye Seul recently released a “tell-all” on her official YouTube channel, answering some of the rumors that have been going around for ages. Back in 2011, Han Ye Seul received a huge amount of hate for suddenly leaving for the States, abandoning her filming for the drama Spy Myungwol.

Although she returned in just a few days, her failure to show up for filming caused a halt to production. Subsequently, the media reported that the reason was due to her then-boyfriend, a chaebol heir, and her desire to get married to him and retire from the industry.

Han Ye Seul answered that everyone has uncertain plans on retirement and hence is unable to answer that question for now. However, she did address the rumor that she had received a Ferrari from the chaebol ex.

Did I receive a Ferrari as a present? Yes, that’s true. But is it wrong? Isn’t it possible for someone to give a car to his girlfriend? Did I brag about it? Yes, that’s true. Of course, one would brag. If a boyfriend gives you a present, wouldn’t you brag about it?

— Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul further denied that she had traveled to the States with her ex-boyfriend at that point in time, and also denied any rumors about their breakup being due to a third party being involved.

Catch her honest, straightforward discussion below.