Actress Han Ye Seul Personally Explains Why She Went To The Burning Sun Club And Denies Involvement In The Scandal

She denies all illegal activity accusations.

Actress Han Ye Seul was previously rumored to have been involved in the Burning Sun scandal. However, she personally stepped up to debunk these rumors and explain why she was seen at the club.

Han Ye Seul went to the club during a Halloween event and simply hung out with her friends. She claims that she hung out in the public area rather than a private room, making it impossible for her to participate in anything illegal.

I went to the Burning Sun club during Halloween and invited friends, acquaintances, and people I work with, and got a table. We all dressed up in costumes for Halloween and had fun. We really enjoyed ourselves. Here, (there are rumors) that I got a private room and we did drugs in the room. When I went to the club, they recognized me as Han Ye Seul and offered me a free private room as I am a famous person. However, I rejected it. I don’t like rooms as they are stuffy. I wanted to have fun in the hall area. I asked for a table right behind the DJ booth, somewhere where the stage area is best seen. They were concerned as I was a public figure but I came to play with my friends and since it was a Halloween event we came to, I asked for them to get us a table in the hall area.

— Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul further explained that as she was a celebrity, the club provided her with multiple bodyguards that surrounded the table. With such attention on her and her group, it was practically impossible for them to engage in illegal activities in that situation. Ultimately, her close friend’s husband came to pick the group up and sent everyone home.

With that, perhaps the rumors about her involvement in the Burning Sun scandal will come to rest! Check out her explanation below.

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