Handwritten letter by Shin Hae Chul’s mother released to the public

On December 6th, a letter handwritten by Shin Hae Chul’s mother was disclosed and it has been making netizens feel somber. At the age of 46, the famous Korean rock icon passed away on October 27th, bringing many friends and fans to tears and grief.

Shin Hae Chul was admired by many people, and the person who supported him the most was his mother. Shin Hae Chul’s mother had written a letter expressing her feelings and thoughts about the death of her beloved son. The handwritten letter was later shared through Daum News Funding.

She writes, “The emptiness that my son left is apparent. To others, he was a great musician. I wish that my son, who was diligent and hardworking, could go to heaven without any pain like his song ‘Fly, Chick.’ God, I never asked for a great, famous son. I only ever needed a son who I can laugh and joke around with, but am I being too greedy?”

God, I do not think that this is right. The order of my son and I have been switched. I whispered to my unconscious son who is laying on the hospital bed, ‘If you are to face the Lord, ask to be sent back to your children and don’t leave without fighting back.’ I never fathomed the probability of living my old-aged life like this. Because of a doctor’s carelessness, I feel like they completely stole the most important thing in my life, and even yesterday, I wondered if this is the result of the difficult life I lived.

She concluded the letter, “I thought yesterday, with my remaining time living, I will dedicate all of my strength to the two new lives that my son left, so they won’t have to deal with scars and grow up strong. I promise this now, so if I meet my son in the afterlife, I will be his honorable mother.

Source: Sports Seoul