Han Geng expresses his desire to rejoin Super Junior

The former K-pop star has revealed his deepest wishes during a recent interview.

On September 18th, it was reported that Han Geng had revealed to Yangcheng Evening News, a popular Chinese news outlet, that he was open to the idea of rejoining his former South Korean boy band, Super Junior.

During the interview, the star had made the statement, “Last year when Super Junior was holding their 10th debut anniversary concert, I thought to myself that I should be standing on that stage with them,” adding that, “If it had been possible in any way, I would have really liked to perform on that same stage with them.

Han Geng then went on to explain that he felt the strong urge to rejoin the members because he wanted to, “Relay the message to fans the special meaning behind Super Junior’s 10th anniversary.

He even confessed that during his visit to South Korea at the time, he had spoken to Super Junior’s leader, Lee Teuk, on the phone as well as with the former manager who was in charge of the group prior to his withdrawal. Han Geng said, “But for several different reasons, we ultimately came to the conclusion that it would be difficult to carry out a stage where we would all perform together.

When asked whether or not he genuinely wants to rejoin the Super Junior members, he answered, “I think about it so much,” revealing the fact that he is open to the thought of greeting fans as a Super Junior member again in the future.

Han Geng made his first South Korean debut with Super Junior in the year of 2005 before filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to nullify his contract. After several disputes, he officially withdrew from the group in 2009 after completing his last promotional group activity with, “Sorry Sorry”.

He has since been successfully promoting as both an actor and musician in China and has even thanked his former boss, Lee Soo Man, for giving him the opportunity to become the star he is today.

Source: My Daily