“Hangout With Yoo” May Have Fueled A Massive Collaboration From These 4 K-Pop Queens

And it’s pretty close to happening!

In a recent June 20 episode of Hangout With Yoo, the first generation K-Pop queen Lee Hyori briefly mentioned her dream of starting off a new girl group…

Lee Hyori’s Instagram @hyoleehyolee

I want to keep this song for myself. I’m going to get a couple of my girl friends together…

— Lee Hyori

… with members including herself, Uhm Jung Hwa


… and MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa.

Since the episode aired, K-Pop fans have wanted nothing but the queens to come together. In fact, fans have endearingly named the four the Refund Go Getters — playfully poking fun at how charismatic the group would turn out to be, thanks to the members’ unapologetic savage personalities.

As the anticipation for the Refund Go Getters’s actual debut built, Uhm Jung Hwa okayed the suggestion on her Instagram post:

Uhm Jung Hwa: I like this combination!!! Should I be preparing for this? #GoHyori #Hahaha
Lee Hyori: Unnie~ Are you ready?

Soon, Jessi too agreed to pull through:

Then, in a recent interview with STAR K, Hwasa also confirmed she is more than ready to be the best maknae ever.

I’d be grateful for the opportunity. I’m going to be the frickin’ best maknae too. And I’m truly blessed that Lee Hyori sunbae-nim thinks so highly of me. I can’t thank her enough.

— Hwasa

Did Hangout With Yoo fuel the fire to making one of the greatest K-Pop collaborations potentially dropping? K-Pop fans remain more hopeful than ever.

Watch the clip here:

Source: THEQOO