EXID’s Hani Reportedly Making Her Official Acting Debut As The Lead Female In An Upcoming Drama

The drama producers explained.

EXID‘s Hani will reportedly be making her official acting debut as she was allegedly cast as the female lead in an upcoming web-drama series.

The drama will tell the story of a bartender who works at a speakeasy bar. As she helps resolve problems between couples who come to the bar, she herself will learn to heal from her past relationships. Hani’s character, Nana, is the popular head bartender who is beloved for her pride in her work, a cold exterior, and the ability to easily talk with her customers while keeping boundaries.

The drama is produced by the company called Playlist. They’ve become famous for their hit young-adult romance dramas, such as Dating Playlist and Eighteen.


Considering how Hani does not have an agency since her contract expired with Banana Culture back in May, a producer from Playlist explained that they’re in positive talks with Hani about the role but nothing is set in stone yet.

Hani received the offer and we’re in the process of having positive talks with her.

— Playlist Representative


If Hani does confirm her role for the drama, this will be her official acting debut since her debut as an idol back in 2012.

Source: Newsen