“Happy Ending” — SM Entertainment Comments On The Seemingly Ominous Change To Red Velvet’s Instagram

SM Entertainment has spoken.

SM Entertainment has commented on the recent change to Red Velvet‘s bio that had some netizens wondering if it would be Red Velvet’s last comeback.

As part of the comeback schedule and promotions for Red Velvet’s upcoming comeback with Chill Kill, SM Entertainment changed the bio for Red Velvet’s official Instagram page.

Before the change. 
After the change.

Due to this change, some netizens believed that this would be Red Velvet’s final comeback as a group, hence a “Happy Ending.” This was coupled with previous rumors that Irene would not renew her contract with SM Entertainment.

In a statement to YTN, SM Entertainment shared that the bio change was simply for their comeback and not related at all to the conclusion of the group.

The phrase ‘Happy Ending’ in [Red Velvet’s] profile was changed to match the concept of their new album.

— SM Entertainment

Red Velvet will make their comeback with Chill Kill on November 13.

Source: YTN

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