The Hardest Part Of TXT’s “Good Boy Gone Bad,” According To Beomgyu

Beomgyu nailed this part even though it was difficult!

All the TXT members absolutely nailed the bad boy concept for their new title track “Good Boy Gone Bad!

TXT | TXT/Weverse

Although the members all did an excellent job with their new title track, Beomgyu revealed that he struggled a bit during the recording sessions for “Good Boy Gone Bad.”

Beomgyu | TXT/Weverse

Beomgyu recently did an interview with Weverse Magazine, and he explained that he struggled with his first few lines in “Good Boy Gone Bad.”

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The song “Good Boy Gone Bad” opened up with a fast, rap-like melody, and Beomgyu has never had to sing so quickly. In his interview, he said he struggled to keep up with the tempo.

That was hard. I felt like, ‘There’s no way Choi Beomgyu can follow along at this tempo with his low blood pressure.’  It felt like I was lagging behind the beat no matter how I tried to sing it. It took a long time to record it. But over time, as my blood pressure rose back up, I rescued the recording.

— Beomgyu

Of course, Beomgyu ended up nailing his lines!


Check out the “Good Boy Gone Bad” video below!

Source: Weverse Magazine