This Is The Hardest Song To Sing On “BE” According To BTS’s V

And he says it’s all down to Jimin!

In a new interview for Weverse Magazine, BTS‘s V revealed the hardest song to sing on the group’s new album, BE.

When discussing how he felt recording songs written by his fellow members, V revealed that a few of the songs on BE were challenging to sing. J-Hope‘s self-composed “Dis-ease”, for example, was “stylistically” different to what V is used to, so it took him a long time to get to grips with. However, none compared to the difficulty of one song in particular: “Fly to My Room”.

Co-written by RM, Suga, and J-Hope, unit song “Fly to My Room” instantly attracted ARMYs’ attention with its touching lyrics and incredible vocals from V and Jimin. That said, those vocals didn’t come easy to V. The singer revealed that it was okay at first—”until Jimin jumped in“.

“Fly to My Room” used to be my favorite song, but it was also the hardest to sing.

— V

When V first heard the demo for “Fly to My Room”, he explained that it was in the “perfect key” for him to sing. Convinced it would sound great, he thought he should definitely be one of the vocalists on the song. But then, Jimin told V he wanted to join in too.

At first, V was excited to sing with his close friend. However, everything soon changed when Jimin’s involvement pushed the song up by three keys in pitch! The song ended up so high, V found himself asking, “Hey, what’s the deal? Should I just give up?“.

I said, “Great, let’s do it together.” Turns out we went up three keys.

— V

Thankfully, V was a good sport and decided to do his best. Though he joked that he “thought [he] would die” while attempting the high notes, it ended up being “a happy ending” when the song came out perfect.

The interviewer pointed out that the high notes were truly impressive and gave the song clarity, but that didn’t stop V from lamenting how difficult it was. Plus, he noted that the chorus is “really long“, meaning he had to sing a lot. Of course, despite the struggle, V is just as happy with the end product as ARMYs are.

The chorus is good, but the whole song’s melody is really catchy. Whenever I heard the beat, I was totally into it. The way the vocals pick up on the beat and the melody was so original and fun, I just had to do it.

— V

Source: Weverse Magazine