Korea’s First Transgender Singer Flaunts That She’s Been Hit On By Chaebols And Celebrities

She’s famous for being Korea’s first transgender singer.

Korea’s first transgender singer Harisu, got married in 2007 to businessman Micky Jung. They had ten years of blissful married life before announcing a divorce in 2017.

Micky and Harisu.

Harisu is famous for being South Korea’s first transgender singer. She made her debut in 2001.

Harisu before transition and after. | MLB

On a recent interview show, she was asked about her share of relationships. She claimed that she had been proposed to by the chairman of a large business when she was in Japan.

Not only that, she had also been hit on by many chaebols. Chaebols are heirs to conglomerates in South Korea, and are considered the cream of the crop in terms of assets and finances.

Of course, other celebrities also hit on her! With her beauty, it doesn’t come as a surprise. These days, Harisu confessed that she prefers living alone. She has no intention of remarrying any time soon.

Source: Sports DongA