Haters Claim TWICE’s Popularity Is Declining, But This Video Proves The Exact Opposite

The video proves that TWICE’s popularity is anything but declining.

TWICE recently held their second and last fansign event for “Summer Nights” at the Hanam Starfield mall where hundreds of fans gathered to see the idols.


Some haters have recently been claiming that TWICE’s popularity is beginning to decline.


Their claims may or may not be related to the fact that the sales for TWICE’s “Summer Nights” album were a little lower than their previous albums.

It is difficult, however, to say that “Summer Nights” was less successful than “What is Love?” or that TWICE’s popularity is declining as “Summer Nights” was a special/repackage album with only 3 new songs, whereas “What is Love?” was a regular album.


Moreover, TWICE’s fansign event at Hanam Starfield Mall (which was at least an hour away from the metropolitan Seoul area) proved that TWICE’s popularity is going the exact opposite direction of down. Hours before the fansign was scheduled to be held, hundreds of fans gathered to find a good spot to see the beautiful idols.

The event was scheduled to start at 3:00PM but hundreds of fans apparently waited from the morning hours to get a good view of TWICE.


As it got nearer to the scheduled time of the event, more and more people gathered until the entire area surrounding the event location was filled with crowds that awaited the arrival of the summer queens.

Fans apparently bought anywhere from 60 to 160 albums to get in through the raffle.


At the end of the fansign, TWICE began their performance of “Dance the Night Away”, the fan chants alone proved that their popularity was still as great as ever, if not even greater!


The chants of hundreds of fans echoed throughout the huge venue and filled the mall with a “Dance the Night Away” frenzy.

It seems like TWICE’s popularity will not be going anywhere soon!