Haters criticized Kim Yoo Jung for being rude, here’s why they’re wrong

Actress Kim Yoo Jung has recently come under fire for her alleged bad attitude at an event for her upcoming movie. 

During the movie premiere for Because I Love You, Kim Yoo Jung was allegedly acting inappropriate by having one foot forward while standing. She was further criticized for picking at her nails, which is considered rude in Korean culture. After seeing video from the event, netizens heavily criticized Kim Yoo Jung for her rude behavior and accused her of having a bad attitude.

But while the clip has riled up a lot of negative reactions, her fellow cast members didn’t seem bothered by her actions. Furthermore, in the context of the entire press conference, she acted quite professionally throughout and showed no signs of having a bad attitude.

Upon hearing about the controversy, Kim Yoojung’s agency SidusHQ issued an official response and apology, assuring fans that they will ensure that nothing similar will happen ever again. Read a full translation of the message below:

This is the official statement with regards to the controversy at Kim Yoo Jung’s appearance at on official event reported on December 22nd.

Kim Yoo Jung is aware of the problem that is being discussed online and is regretting that her actions have caused such controversy and that she has disappointed fans who have always trusted her.

The company will do it’s best to never let such an incident repeat itself. We bow our head and apologize for causing everyone discomfort and worry.