HA:TFELT May Be 32-Years Old But She Has Only Dated Men In Their 20’s — And They Were All Celebrities

She confesses that they just keep “getting younger.”

Solo artist HA:TFELT (former Wonder Girls member Yeeun) has started to make headlines for her honest confessions regarding her past dating history.

HA:TFELT | Amoeba Culture

SBS Plus‘s Love Master Season 2 is all about helping celebrities with their love woes, as they feature different methods to provide private counseling for the guests. On the most recent episode, a fortune teller made a guest appearance along with HA:TFELT to counsel all of her worries.

Poster for “Love Master Season 2” | SBS Plus

During the episode, the fortune teller predicted that most of the men in the singer’s life were dependent on her. The former idol member agreed, and it was following the fortune teller’s prediction that she opened up about her past dating experiences.

Fortune teller predicting HA:TFELT’s past with “dependent men” | SBS Plus

I’ve only dated men in their 20’s. I’m continuing to get older, but my boyfriends’ ages are getting younger. I once dated a guy who asked me to buy him a toothbrush and underwear at a convenient store. He seemed like someone who was incapable of buying things on his own, so I broke up with him.


It was here that one of the show’s hosts, Hong Jin Hyung tried to dig a little deeper into HA:TFELT’s past by asking, “so either he bought his things on his own or his manager bought it for him?” The former idol member didn’t get flustered, but rather admitted that her ex-boyfriend was indeed a celebrity.

Caption: “I have only dated celebrities…” | SBS Plus

Up until now, I have only dated celebrities. I have been in a relationship about 10 times now.


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HA:TFELT’s confession isn’t completely shocking, as she was previously in a public relationship with 2AM‘s Jinwoon back in 2014. The two met as JYP Entertainment label mates and naturally progressed their friendship into a romantic relationship. Almost 4 years later, however, the two “naturally grew distant” from one another and ended their relationship.

HA:TFELT (left) and 2AM’s Jinwoon (right) | @hatfelt/Instagram

Be sure to catch HA:TFELT share her relationship woes on this week’s episode of Love Master Season 2 on SBS Plus.

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