HA:TFELT Goes Off On Korean Historian For What He Posted About The Late Seoul Mayor

HA:TFELT did not hold back.

Former Wonder Girls member and current artist, HA:TFELT just expressed her rage at Korean historian and professor, Jeon Woo Yong for what he posted about the Seoul mayor, late Park Won Soon, who recently committed suicide after being accused of sexually assaulting his secretary for years.

Jeon Woo Yong recently took to his Twitter to express,

I know that Park Won Soon committed a serious mistake against two women (his wife and daughter). But I don’t know what a big mistake he made against to one woman.

– Jeon Woo Yong

He also added,

For the rest of the women, I don’t know if they’ll ever meet another ‘male friend’ like him ever again. It won’t be possible to write Korean modern women’s history without involving Park Won Soon.

– Jeon Woo Yong

And HA:TFELT refuted Jeon Woo Yong’s post and expressed her very contrasting opinion.



She stressed,

As one of the women who you referred to as ‘the rest of the women’, that is not a friend. I have no intention of having a friend like that, and if I ever have a superior like that, I’ll report him.


HA:TFELT continued,

I’m shocked that we live in a world where I have to explain such an obvious thing.


Ahead of this event, a former secretary of the late Seoul mayor accused him of sexually assaulting her since 2017, but following his death, which has been ruled as suicide, the case has been deemed to lack the right of arraignment.

HA:TFELT is an artist and a self-declared feminist.

Source: Insight