HA:TFELT Yeeun Reveals She Was Tested for COVID-19 Due to a Fever

Yeeun had a fever of 38.5 degrees.

Singer, HA:TFELT Yeeun took to her Instagram story to reveal to fans that she was tested for COVID-19 due to a fever.

Along with a photo, Yeeun shared, “I had a fever that surpassed 38.5 degrees yesterday, so I went to get tested for COVID-19.

But the shared photo was a screenshot was a letter confirming that she tested negative for the virus.

Yeeun continued, “Luckily, my test came back negative! I think I just have fatigue. I’m sorry to those who’ve been waiting for my radio show! I’ll recover soon and meet you as soon as possible.

Yeeun was scheduled to appear on the MBC radio program, Kim Eana’s Night Letter just a few days back.

But on the day of the broadcast, the producers took to their social media to announce, “We’re afraid Yeeun’s appearance is canceled due to unavoidable circumstances.

Here’s hoping for Yeeun’s speedy recovery!

Source: Dispatch