Video Creator Hattie Heo Under Fire For Remark Made On DKDKTV’s Controversial Dating Show “Ramyun & Chill”

Netizens are calling her hypocritical.

Hattie Heo (also known as Hattie Emily Green) from couple YouTube channel Jin and Hattie is under fire for a recent remark made during the Korean dating show Ramyun & Chill.

Hattie Heo (left) and husband Jin (right) | @jinandhattie/Instagram

Hattie is best known for her shared channels with her now-husband JinWoo. The two rose to fame with couple’s vlog, prank, and challenge videos on YouTube, Jin and Hattie, where they have 1.8 million subscribers. They also post comedic videos on hatjin TikTok account, which has over 1.9 million followers.

While the couple has been popular with netizens as they aren’t as cringy as others, Hattie made a controversial remark in a recent episode of DKDKTV‘s new dating show Ramyun & Chill, in which she and Jin serve as panelists.

In Episode 2, Hattie remarks about the new male contestant’s lack of English skills on Ramyun & Chill, Chang Hak Lee, during his introduction. Besides that, Jin spoke about how he liked him while she reiterated that Chan Hak was not her “cup of tea.” Fellow video creator The Expat Pat (@theexpatpat on TikTok) shared his shock over the scene with a recent TikTok.

I know he’s really hot, but his English skills kind of… turning me off a bit.

— Hattie


Oh my god??? #expatinkorea #ramenandchill

♬ original sound – The Expat Pat

Netizens were shocked that someone would make such an offensive statement, especially considering the man is Korean and in Korea.

| @theexpatpat/TikTok

And shortly after his video went viral, Hattie responded in the comment section from her shared TikTok account with Jin. She claimed that not only was she directed to dramatize her opinions but the clip was taken out of context. Still, she thanked The Expat Pat for “bringing this up” and claimed she spoke out of ignorance.

hello, this is Hattie – I’ve just seen your TikTok’s because I follow up with your page regularly, especially since you did the Covid updates

Thank you for calling me out on this, obviously for a tv show we are told to dramatise and give our opinions and this has been taken out of context with editing but you are right, and my comment was ignorant and uneducated – thank you for bringing this up

This will be a situation I will learn from and educate myself on moving forward

— Hattie

The Expat Pat reposted her comment with a new TikTok and revealed that he had also been blocked afterward. He asked netizens not to send hate but informed his followers that he would not continue watching Ramyun & Chill. 


Thats that #expatinkorea #ramenandchill

♬ original sound – The Expat Pat

Netizens also commented on his post and agreed that her apology was unsatisfactory. Many also felt she was hypocritical for commenting on someone’s language skills.


The show has already been very controversial as it features five Korean men and five foreign women spending four days on a lakeside getaway to find “love.” Not only do netizens feel concerned that the show is romanticizing fetishization, but they also pointed out that DKDKTV is using BTS for clout as they chose the BTS In the SOOP 1 location and even made references to the group in their advertisements.

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