YouTuber Duo DKDKTV Announced A New Dating Show On Their Channel But Some ARMYs Feel They’re Exploiting BTS For Clout

There’s also some discomfort around the show’s concept.

DKDKTV, a popular K-content YouTube channel, recently announced that they are preparing to release a new dating show on their channel. Ramyun & Chill, as the show is called, will feature 5 Korean men and five foreign women spending four days on a lakeside getaway to find “love.”

| DKDKTV/YouTube

From the show’s teaser, it is clear that audiences can expect some PG-13 moments. While DKDKTV’s viewers felt that this show could be a great way to explore cultural differences, many netizens on Twitter have expressed concern that the format is too close to fetishization.

While this debate will have to wait until the episodes are released, the other set of criticism towards the show is directed at the fact that its location was chosen to be the popular property where BTS shot In The Soop season 1. This was a deliberate choice, as implied by the Tweet made by DKDKTV while posting the trailer of the show.

Many ARMYs were displeased with the fact that the channel was intentionally using BTS’s name to market the show, though in the past, Danny Kim, one of the DKDKTV duo, was heavily criticized for disrespecting BTS during a podcast on the channel. Danny went on record to say, “People are exhausted from getting so much exposure to BTS. I do feel like we need some fresh faces in the industry.” While many still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt at that time, he started replying to anybody criticizing his comment with aggressive language, which severely damaged the channel’s reputation.

Later, Danny posted an apology video together with David Kim, the other half of the DKDKTV duo, but most ARMYs didn’t quite feel the sincerity. As a channel that had gained a significant amount of viewership from making BTS-related, good-quality content, the credibility of DKDKTV seemed to have dropped down for the fandom.

Even recently, the two found themselves in hot water over their comments on BTS’s military enlistment.

Apart from ARMYs, Danny has also received criticism in the past from Ahgases after GOT7 member BamBam shaded him for his crude comments regarding the group’s reunion. In fact, from time to time, different K-Pop fandoms have been displeased by the channel for slandering groups one second and then praising them for “clout” the next.

With such a reputation among different K-Pop fandoms, it is only normal that ARMYs felt it objectable to deliberately insert BTS into the business of a prospectively scandalous show. But whether it will affect the viewership or not remains to be seen.


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