Hawk-Eyed ARMYs Spot Hints That Anticipate BTS Suga’s Tattoo Reveal Soon

Is it finally time?

ARMYs have spent months trying to locate where BTS‘s Suga got his “7” tattoo last year, and it looks like they are close to getting an answer.

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Last year, BTS shared that they had all gotten the number “7” tattooed on their bodies in honor of the bond of the seven members. One by one, each member revealed their tattoos on social media. RM and J-Hope both shared pictures showing the tattoo near their ankles.

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Jin got his on his ribcage, which he revealed in a shocking shirtless photo.

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ARMYs spotted V‘s tattoo on his thigh when pictures from his Vogue Korea photoshoot hit the internet.

Jungkook shared a picture showing off his “7” tattoo near his neck, and Jimin‘s tattoo was spotted on his finger. Suga was the only member who not so much as gave a hint about his tattoo’s location.

Polyc SJ, the artist who did the tattoos on all seven members, then posted close-up pictures of each of their tattoos on his Instagram, also sharing the thought that went into making the designs. But he posted only six tattoos, leaving out Suga.

Suga’s tattoo couldn’t be spotted anywhere, and despite speculations, there is still no unanimous conclusion.

Defeated, ARMYs started to ask Suga directly where he got his tattoo, and every time, he had plenty of fun teasing them, asking them to take a guess.

But now, some fans feel that they are very close to getting a tattoo reveal from Suga. The speculations came right after the teaser release of “Haegeum,” the title track of his solo album D-Day. 

The teaser dropped on April 19, KST, and had fans in a chokehold over its insane production, visuals, and cinematic quality. The 30-second video packed so much material to digest that it kept fans talking for hours. In the middle of the chaos, some hawk-eyed ARMYs noticed two separate banners in the video related to tattoos.


After the theory started doing rounds online, many ARMYs felt it would be very on-brand for Suga to reveal his tattoo in a dramatic fashion in the music video.

Not that the music video needed any added anticipation, but this speculation just made the wait even spicier. Will ARMYs finally get their answers tomorrow at 1pm, KST?


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