Hawk-Eyed Fans Spot A BTS Bodyguard’s Unexpected Lockscreen

ARMYs…they’re everywhere.

As popular as BTS are, it’s only natural that they also draw attention to the people around them. As fans, ARMYs also love to show their appreciation for the people who take care of the members, and that’s several of their staff members have now become familiar names, like manager Sejin or the group’s unnamed hot bodyguard from 2019.

ARMYs Are Falling In Love With BTS’s Hot Bodyguard, Because Whoa

Recently another one of their staff members, presumably a bodyguard of Jimin, has drawn the attention of some fans, but not for your usual reasons.

Jimin recently surprised fans when it was suddenly announced that he was departing for New York on March 13, KST.

Though he was headed for a private schedule, there were a plethora of reporters and fans waiting for him at the Incheon Airport. While making his way to the departure, Jimin greeted his fans and posed for the cameras.

Dressed in an all-black outfit paired with a Tiffany & Co. T1 wide diamond-hinged bangle, Jimin truly stood out as the main character at the airport. As usual, he was being escorted by security personnel and staff members, which only added to his star aura. Yet, Jimin showed impeccable generosity, stopping to pose and repeatedly bowing to the reporters and the people present.

While it is very difficult to look anywhere else when Jimin himself is present at the scene, some eagle-eyed fans noticed an intriguing detail about a staff member accompanying Jimin at the airport. From the way he was walking right beside the BTS member, it’s assumed that he is a bodyguard. But what caught fans’ eyes was not the man himself, but his phone wallpaper.

In one of the pictures where this bodyguard can be seen beside Jimin, his phone screen is completely visible, and it turns out his wallpaper is the cover art of BTS’s anthology album Proof!

| Osen


Now, it’s not unusual for staff members to be close to the artists they work with, but having their album cover as wallpaper seems to be a different kind of heartfelt and personal expression of appreciation. No one but a genuine fan of an artist would make that choice, and the fact that Jimn is surrounded and protected by people who respect his work is definitely a great relief for fans.