Hawk-eyed Fans Spot An Unexpected Item In BTS V’s House During His Latest Weverse Live

His house is so unpredictable.

On April 25, KST, BTS member V surprised fans with yet another brief Weverse live in the early afternoon.

The singer endearingly shared that he wanted to show his messed up bed hair to ARMYs, which was the primary reason he decided to do the livestream. He also shared that he got too drunk after attending the Dream movie premiere with Jungkook and hence, couldn’t do a livestream the previous day. Then, he wished ARMYs a good day and left, ending the livestream within just three and a half minutes!

But even within that short span, hawk-eyed fans spotted a very unusual item in his house. While V was busy talking to fans, at the back, a black, distinct chair could be seen near the table. What made it noticeable was the fact that it was shaped like a human butt.

It turns out that V’s eccentric decor item is a luxury item by the Italian brand Casamania & Horm. It belongs to the brand’s “Him & Her” collection of armless chairs, usually sold in pairs. The “Him” chairs are meant to replicate a male body structure, while the “Her” chairs portray the female body structure. Both versions come in multiple colors, along with glossy and matt finishes. The set retails at around GBP 724 pounds or USD 897 dollars.

| isaproject.eu

This is not the first time ARMYs have been amused by V’s choice of home decor. Previously, they had spotted a unique tissue dispenser in the background of his Instagram story. His impressive collection of plushies also deserves to be mentioned in his context.

It’s safe to say that V’s house perfectly reflects his free-spirited nature, and fans wouldn’t have it any other way!


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