HB Entertainment Announces Strict Legal Action Against Netizens Slandering Goo Hye Sun And Ahn Jae Hyun

They will take strict legal action.

In light of their divorce news being revealed, HB Entertainment has come out to say that they will be taking strong legal action against any netizens who post malicious comments, slander, or false facts about their artists, Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun, as well as their CEO Moon Bo Mi.

Hello, this is HB Entertainment.

Recently, we received a request from our two actors to discuss their personal details and provide advice to help them come to a smooth conclusion for their divorce.

However, those discussions were extremely personal and it was not easy to give them advice due to their different positions. More than anyone else, we also did not want them to separate.

We feel sorry for the conclusion that the two actors’ hearts and minds reached a parallel line state. Fortunately, for others, they worked together as much as they could, and tried not to bother others. We think the agency’s role is to try and help them get back to a normal lifestyle, and get over their issues with each other, so we are trying to be careful in our response to the different issues. And even now, we think that they do care for each other, but as time goes by, it’s hard to tolerate things that aren’t true.

We think that things that are not true are bound to be revealed. It’s difficult for us to represent the positions of each actor because they are two people. However, as far as we know the situation, we have made our statements based on the facts and will continue to do so.

Currently, groundless rumors, false information, and slander about the actors and the company CEO are spreading on social networking sites and portal sites. We will be taking strong legal action against those people making such comments, and there will be no settlements.

— HB Entertainment

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