“Heart Signal 3” Im Han Gyeol Accused of Forging His Entire Resume

He’s been accused of falsifying his educational background.

In light of Im Han Gyeol‘s overwhelming popularity on the dating reality show, Heart Signal 3, a netizen took to an online community to accuse him of forging his entire resume.

The post is titled, “This is about Heart Signal 3 Im Han Gyeol’s falsification of his educational background” and the accusation reads as follows:

First I’d like to apologize for writing this in a forum that many people read. Please excuse me. I recently saw Im Han Gyeol on the news and TV, and I was shocked.

I used to work in the legal department of a coffee company. The company I used to work it was quite large, and at the time, we worked on a coffee shop project, and as an employee of a shop, Im Han Gyeol came in. Meanwhile, two female informants called in. They asked, ‘Did Im Han Gyeol say he lived in England and went to both middle school and high school in England?’, ‘Did he say he went to Dongguk University?’, and ‘Did he say his parents are hospital directors?’

That’s what Im Han Gyeol wrote in his resume, but I just ignored it at first. But when a second person called in, I thought it was strange, so I asked, ‘How do you know Im Han Gyeol that you’re asking me this?’ and she said she was a customer at a host bar. She said that a sponsor offered that he’d set up a cafe for him and told him to learn the skills. She told me that Im Han Gyeol was lying and to check the facts. After hearing this, the legal department contacted Dongguk University and found out that it was indeed a lie.

When we confronted Im Han Gyeol about it, he strongly denied it at first, but when we showed him the evidence, he ran away from the company.

Since we had no way of checking if he used to work at a host bar, we’re not sure about that, but we do know that when he introduced himself as the son of hospital directors who studied in England and went to Dongguk University, he was lying.

I got the chills when he introduced himself as a brand director on TV when he’s really a nobody who bought a few false certifications. I really have no proof that he really worked at a host bar, but here’s a copy of Im Han Gyeol’s resume. I feel like he wanted to get famous through TV, but I don’t think this is right in a world where many people study and work hard.

– Netizen

Im Han Gyeol is currently gaining much popularity on Heart Signal 3. On the show, he introduced himself as a graduate of Seoul Yonhee Technical College and a current brand director.

The netizen’s claim is stirring up great controversy online, but the truth has yet to be confirmed.


Source: Dispatch
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