“Heart Signal 3” Member Lee Ga Heun Admits To Bullying Allegations, But Retaliates By Suing The Victim

She is receiving massive backlash for her decision.

Channel A is continuing to get heat for their casting choices after former Heart Signal 3 member, Lee Ga Heun admitted to her school violence and bullying allegations after denying them a year ago.

Lee Ga Heun on “Heart Signal 3” | Channel A

Previously, former Heart Signal 2 cast member Lee Hyun Woo shocked fans and viewers of the show when it was revealed that he had been caught driving under the influence on three different occasions. This caused concern amongst the viewers and many expressed their disappointment towards Channel A. While that fire eventually died down, Channel A has been met with new casting scrutiny.

“Heart Signal 2” member Lee Hyun Woo | Channel A

Lee Ga Heun, who gained notoriety and fame through her appearance on the series is currently being faced with the public’s criticism. The vet student previously gained many new followers for her brains and her beauty following her appearance on the show. However, Lee Ga Heun found herself in the middle of controversy when she was accused of being a bully and perpetrator of school violence a year ago. She vehemently denied these rumors along with her agency, squashing the allegations completely.

| @lee_gaheun/Instagram

Since her Heart Signal appearance, Lee Ga Heun has modeled for different brands and continued to gain a bigger social media presence. With her face back in mainstream media, however, her bullying allegations have made their way back into headlines. A full year after the accusations first started circulating, Lee Ga Heun finally admitted to the rumors. While the former Heart Signal member acknowledged her wrongdoings, she has flipped the narrative and is fighting back against her accuser.

| @lee_gaheun/Instagram

Sports Kyunghyang reported that the former Heart Signal 3 cast member sued victim ‘A’ for defamation by the disclosure of what is true. While Lee Ga Heun’s bullying accusations were confirmed to be true, she is now suing the accuser for sharing that information with the public, allowing her image and reputation to be damaged. The prosecution acknowledged this by stating “the trial is currently underway as a crime of defamation by the disclosure of what is true.” 

| @lee_gaheun/Instagram

After Lee Ga Heun confirmed her former bullying allegations and revealed her lawsuit, she was met with severe backlash from the public for her “audacity” to sue the victim. Netizens were quick to criticize her decision and have been asking for her removal from Channel A’s new variety show, Friends. They have also been requesting for clothing brand itMICHAA to discontinue using Lee Ga Heun as one of their models.

Lee Ga Heun modeling for “itMICHAA” | itMICHAA
Source: Sports Kyunghyang