“Heart Signal 3” Seo Min Jae Accuses Nam Tae Hyun Of Using Drugs And Hitting Her

Nam Tae Hyun’s agency is looking into the accusations.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

Heart Signal 3 contestant Seo Min Jae has accused Nam Tae Hyun of using drugs and hitting her in a series of Instagram posts.

Seo Min Jae initially uploaded a post stating that Nam Tae Hyun injected philopon (methamphetamine) and also that he hits her.

Nam Tae Hyun does philopon, the needle he used is either in my room or in my office cabinet, and he hits me.

— Seo Min Jae

While the above post has since been deleted, she has uploaded several other posts with pictures of the two together, adding something new each time.

I have the syringe Nam Tae Hyun used.

— Seo Min Jae

Nam Tae Hyun and I. The druggies. Take a look in my office cabinet. The syringe and…

— Seo Min Jae

She then uploaded a post sharing that she has a recording on her phone. However, she does not specifically say what the recording is.

Ah, there’s a recording on my phone.

— Seo Min Jae

She finally stated that at one point, the two were in love with each other.

Back then, it was love.

— Seo Min Jae

It has been known that Seo Min Jae and Nam Tae Hyun opened up a bar called Unison in Itaewon together. Seo Min Jae is also an influencer and a Hyundai Motors engineer.

Nam Tae Hyun’s agency has stated that they are looking into the accusations.

We are on our way to meet with [Nam Tae Hyun] to verify the legitimacy of the report.

— No Name Music