“Heart Signal” Contestant Seo Ju Won Is Alleged To Have Cheated On His Wife — Wife Files For Divorce

The couple is thought to have been estranged since last year.

Heart Signal contestant Seo Ju Won is reportedly in divorce court for allegedly cheating on his wife.

Kim Min Young (left) and Seo Ju Won (right) | SPOTV

On January 11, news outlets reported that Seo Ju Won, an influencer and car racer best who gained fame as a contestant on the dating show Heart Signal, is currently in divorce court for allegedly cheating on his wife, Kim Min Young, also known as YouTuber Aori.

According to the reports, Kang Min Young has also filed a lawsuit against her estranged husband’s alleged mistress.

Kang Min Young married Seo Ju Won in 2018, but rumors of the couple being estranged swirled in 2022 when both deleted all traces of one another on their social media accounts. That year, Seo Ju Won uploaded a cryptic message that many took as evidence of the couple’s struggle.

Now it seems I have to fight you. I thought you would take accountability in the end, but you found a way to avoid it. Remember when I said that a trial is an evidence fight and that you shouldn’t leave traces? So don’t leave any. You’ve already left so much.

— Seo Ju Won

Kang Min Young is a popular YouTube with over 600K subscribers. Seo Ju Won is best known as a contestant on Channel A’s hit dating series Heart Signal.


Source: SBS News