“Heart Signal” Contestant Seo Ju Won Responds To Reports He Is Getting Divorced — Makes Startling Revelation

Seo Ju Won and Aori married in 2018.

Influencer and race car driver Seo Ju Won addressed reports alleging that he and his YouTuber wife, Aori (real name Kim Min Young), were getting a divorce.

Seo Ju Won (left) and Aori (right) |

On January 11, a report stated that Seo Ju Won’s wife, influencer Aori, had filed for divorce. The reports alleged Aori had filed for divorce due to Seo Ju Won’s infidelity and that she had also sued her husband’s alleged mistress.

“Heart Signal” Contestant Seo Ju Won Is Alleged To Have Cheated On His Wife — Wife Files For Divorce

On this day, Seo Ju Won’s representatives revealed in a phone call with news outlet Chosun Ilbo that the couple had actually already gotten divorced last year.

Seo Ju Won and Kim Min Young divorced last year. I believe the two were able to (end their marriage) amicably.

— Seo Ju Won’s representative

Seo Ju Won’s representatives also revealed that the race car driver had become aware of the additional lawsuit through the reports and stated that he didn’t understand why Aori would file a lawsuit now.

Seo Ju Won learned about the (lawsuit) after reading the reports. (He) doesn’t understand why she’d pursue a lawsuit now.

— Seo Ju Won’s representative

Aori’s label Sandbox had declined to comment, stating, “Due to it being a private issue, we aren’t able to verify the facts.”

Seo Ju Won is an influencer and race car driver best known for being a former contestant on the dating show Heart Signal. Aori is also an influencer with 600K followers on Youtube. The couple married in 2018, but rumors of estrangement swirled when in May of last year, the couple deleted pictures of one another on their social media accounts. At the time, when asked if the couple was heading for a divorce, Aori reportedly told news outlet OSEN, “It is nothing like that.”


Source: Chosun ilbo
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