Netizens Find Evidence That “Heart Signal” Final Couple Ji Young And Gyeo Re Might Still Be Dating

They might still be dating.

Heart Signal 4 rounded out their final episode recently, with two couples making it to the last choice. The first was consultant Shin Min Gyu, and casting agent Yoo Isu.

The second was barista Han Gyeo Re and model Kim Ji Young.

Sadly, the other contestants were unable to find love on the show. As with past seasons, the couples are given a choice if they wish to continue dating beyond the show or not. Some couples ended up moving on as friends, while others dated awhile before breaking up. Contestants who come on the show for exposure end up going with the friend option despite coupling up at the final episode.

To many netizens’ surprise, final couple Han Gyeo Re and Kim Ji Young still seem to be happily dating. The show concluded filming around May 2023, but the final episode aired on August 25, 2023. A friend of the couple’s posted a mirror selfie with Ji Young and Gyeo Re. They all tuned into the show together.

Ji Young, Gyeo Re, and their friends. | Nate Pann

The photo was captioned, “watched the final episode of Heart Signal at our house. Congratulations to Ji Young and Gyeo Re.” The four looked pretty close. Netizens were surprised to see that the pair was still dating. It seems like they were convinced that they were merely coupled up for the show.

Netizen reactions. | Nate Pann
  • …? I thought that Ji Young would never date Gyeo Re in real life.
  • If so, then I think it just confirms that the production team’s editing is like sh*t.
  • Huh…? They’re really an ongoing couple? How shocking.
  • Normally, after dating shows end, they take Photo Booth pictures or something and feed delulus for quite some time.
  • If Gyeo Re is in a current couple [with Ji Young] then why did they edit the show so badly?

Heart Signal 4 faced much criticism about the bad editing that was hard to understand. Many scenes were cut out, leading to viewers not getting the full picture. On the other hand, it seems like the final couples are still going strong!

Source: Nate Pann