“A Lawyer, A Vet, And A Surgeon?” — Here’s A Spoiler Free Guide To The Contestants Of Korean Dating Show “Heart Signal 4”

Here’s all we know so far.

Popular South Korean dating reality show Heart Signal is back with its 4th season! In the first episode, we meet six contestants right off the bat. Here is all we know about the contestants so far.

1. Kim Ji Young

The most popular contestant online by far. Known for her gorgeous visuals, she’s an influencer and hair model. She used to be an air stewardess before becoming a freelancer model. She is said to be 29 years of age in South Korea.

2. Kim Ji Min

The youngest of the bunch, Kim Ji Min is a 24-year-old student at Sungshin Women’s College. She is known to be an influencer due to her pretty looks and hot body. She was active as an online streamer for a short period of time.

3. Lee Ju Mi

She’s super smart on top of her sweet looks. Although she is now working as a lawyer, she previously appeared on another variety show, Good People. Ju Mi is 30 years of age.

4. Han Gyeo Re

Not much is known about him at the moment, apart from that he is 28 years old and currently works as a barista.

5. Shin Min Gyu

According to Korean netizens, he is 32 years old and works as a plastic surgeon. Netizens alleged that he operates his own practice in a building that he owns. Young and rich for the win!

6. Yoo Ji Won

We seem to have many elite contestants this time. Yoo Ji Won is 31 years old and works as a vet.

As per the show’s usual format, additional contestants will enter the game, later on, to total up to 8. Be sure to check out the first episode in full below.

Source: Cafe Naver and Flash24