The Most Heartbreaking Thing About BTS’s Hiatus Announcement Proves One Unfair Pressure On The Members, According To ARMY

“I don’t think I’m crying because of the hiatus…”

BTS recently announced that they plan to take a temporary hiatus as a group. This will allow the members to focus on solo activities, but they made sure to emphasize that this is by no means permanent. BTS will be back once the members each have the opportunity to explore their own colors!

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

ARMY has been praising them for the incredibly sincere way in which BTS delivered the news to fans. Not only did they do it in a very personal manner…

…but they were incredibly honest about what they were feeling.

But their honesty revealed something that many ARMYs found heartbreaking. As members of one of, if not the, biggest group in history, the BTS members openly shared that they’ve been facing incredible amounts of pressure. But while this is to be expected, they also revealed that a significant part of that pressure is their fear of disappointing fans.


ARMYs were utterly distressed to hear that the members had hesitated so much about sharing some things…

…even when it is something as simple, yet important, as the fact that they need rest.

RM | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Fans have been voicing their feelings about this, pointing out how incredibly sad it is that the members felt as if they needed permission from them.

Considering how much the members have achieved, it’s clear that they sacrificed a painful amount of themselves. It is for this reason that the group hiatus is necessary, as it’s important that each member take the time to recharge and reconnect with himself.

Jin and Jungkook | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Given all the pressure the members felt to not disappoint fans, ARMY is emphasizing now more than ever that they will always be there for BTS with unconditional support.

Hopefully, as the members take this time to reflect, they will see that ARMY has nothing but their well-being at heart! After all, no matter what they do, they are sure to do whatever is for the best, whether it’s in their music or their personal life.

ARMY will always be there for BTS in all their endeavors!