This Heartwarming Moment Between Kim Hee Jin And Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Has Us All Emotional

The clip of these two has gone viral online!

Fans have been freaking out over this viral clip of Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany giving Kim Hee Jin an unexpected present!

Kim Hee Jin (left) and Tiffany Young (right). | @tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

In a clip from Breakfast With Tiffany posted on Instagram, Tiffany sat with Kim, a member of the South Korean national women’s volleyball team, to talk about her experience from the Olympics. Kim mentioned how the team regretted not being able to bring home a medal as they ultimately finished in fourth place.

| @tiffany_morning_official/Instagram 

After listening to Kim Hee Jin, Tiffany started to take off her own necklace! Kim was taken aback and wasn’t sure what Tiffany was going to do…

| @tiffany_morning_official/Instagram 

…but then Tiffany handed it to her as a makeshift medal!

| @tiffany_morning_official/Instagram 

Kim was in shock and kept asking if Tiffany was serious, only for Tiffany to get up and put it on her herself.

| @tiffany_morning_official/Instagram 

The editors even added some romantic music in the background to add to the sweetness of the moment!

| @tiffany_morning_official/Instagram 

Fans can’t stop praising Tiffany for her kind heart. This moment really showed off her sweet personality, and we can’t get over the chemistry between these two iconic women. Clips of the moment have gone viral on Twitter with hundreds of thousands of views, and thousands of comments crying over these two national treasures.

Check out the clip on their Instagram account below!

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