This Movie Paved The Way For K-Drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

Did you catch the references?

By now, you’ve certainly heard about ENA‘s K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The drama has overcome its humble beginnings to become an international hit with K-Drama audiences around the world.

The drama has been applauded for its warm and humanizing portrayal of Woo Young Woo, a lawyer who is on the autistic spectrum.

The drama’s popularity has created a national discussion about mental health and has brought awareness to those with disabilities.

Now, the production staff has revealed the true inspiration behind the drama.

According to a July 24 report by news outlet Hankook Ilbo, the drama’s writer Moon Ji Won took two years to finish writing the drama. The writer also wrote the movie Innocent Witness. Production company AStory has revealed the movie was what inspired them to produce the drama to life.

Jung Woo Sung (left) Kim Hyang Gi (right) | Lotte Entertainment

In the movie Innocent Witness, Jiwoo, who is on the autism spectrum, is the lone witness in absolving a murder suspect. In the movie, Jiwoo also wishes to be a lawyer, but she Jiwoo reveals that fulfilling her dream may be difficult due to her condition.

I probably won’t be able to become a lawyer because I am autistic.

— Jiwoo

Three years later, attorney Woo Young Woo has fulfilled Jiwoo’s dreams for her.

The drama’s homages to the movie don’t end there. The judge in the movie during a murder trial for which Jiwoo is the only witness and the judge in the first trial of the drama were both acted by actor Kim Hak Sun.

Kim Hak Sun | ENA

Not only that, but the drama’s character Dong Geurami makes a reference to the movie in the drama’s first episode.

Also, a chart showing the different faces of human emotions in Woo Young Woo’s room also appears in Jiwoo’s room in the movie.

Were you able to catch the references? If you haven’t watched the movie, check out the trailer below!


Source: Wikitree