Not Even Heavy Rain Could Stop Oh My Girl’s Hyojung From Showing Her Fans Some Love

She could barely keep her eyes open.

A fan of Oh My Girl posted a video of Hyojung leaving to go home from one of her schedules, and it just goes to prove that nothing will stop her from showing her fans some love.

On her way to the car, she showed off her casual yet chic fashion in a pink sweater and jeans.

And her signature smile was enough to warm everybody’s hearts.

But the part that caught many fans’ attention was once she got into the car.

Despite the heavy rain, Hyojung lowered the window to say goodbye to her fans.

It was clear that the rain was heavy because she couldn’t even keep her eyes open.

While most would have understood if she kept the windows closed, Hyojung couldn’t pass up an opportunity to show her fans some love.

Is it even possible for Hyojung to be any more lovable?

Check out the full footage of Hyojung’s act of sacrifice for fans below:

Source: Insight