Heechul Confesses He’s Dealing With Hair-Loss, And Losing A Lot Of Hair

What’s happening to the “Universe’s Biggest Star” Heechul and his signature hairstyle?

Super Junior‘s Heechul shared his visit to the doctor’s office for hair loss on 1 Percent Friendship.


Heechul confessed that he’s battling hair loss and went to a scalp and hair center to check on his hair loss and get treated.


He explained he decided to see a doctor when he noticed too much of his scalp is showing on camera.


Throughout the show, Heechul reacted with disbelief.


When the cameraman snickered, he got upset that people are making fun of his tragic experience.

“Are you laughing at me? I went to see a doctor for hair loss and you find this funny?”


Heechul seemed sensitive talking about hair. He added, “Now when I meet people for the first time, I don’t look at their faces. I look at their hair.


The guests teased him saying they have no problem with their hair yet.


Heechul received special care at the clinic. He wished the shampooing, massaging, and steaming of his scalp and hair would bring him back the good old hairy days.


This isn’t the first time Heechul talked about hair loss on TV. On Life Bar, he already showed signs of having hair loss concerns.


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