Heechul Denies Introducing Choa To Gaming CEO Through Lengthy Post

Heechul took to Instagram to deny reports of introducing Choa and gaming CEO after dating scandal breaks.

Media reported news that AOA’s Choa and the CEO of gaming company Najin, Lee Suk Jin, were in the early stages of a romantic relationship. Soon after, FNC Entertainment, Choa’s agency, denied rumors of their dating saying they were simply good friends.

In all of the reports, Super Junior‘s Heechul was mentioned as the matchmaker for the two.

However, after reports broke out about Choa and Lee Suk Jin dating, Heechul took to Instagram to give his side of the story in a lengthy post.

“Hello this is the love broker Kim Heechul that was a hot topic this morning.

Such a distasteful word… Since long ago people have called me ‘The guy that knows everyone’, ‘The guy who’s friends with every celeb’ and I didn’t dislike these terms. It meant I was a sociable person…

However those around me who knew that I was close with many younger girls kept asking me ‘This hyung I know keeps asking me to set him up on a dinner with “A” would you be able to help?’ and I would simply answer ‘What a trash, am I a broker?’ and I would delete that number.

However to this day people call me with requests like ‘Heechul I heard B’s contract is over soon do you think you could connect us?’ or ‘Could I see you with C?’ and every time I would block the person who called me.

Unfortunately even though I acted in such manner whenever a dating scandal broke out both the man and the woman would be my friends and in many people’s eyes I had become the ‘Love Broker.’

Everytime my name came up in such reports, my company would say ‘Let’s publish that this is not true’ but I would just laugh it off and say ‘It’s okay, those involved could be damaged by me publishing such a thing and the fans of the two need an outlet for their rage as well.’

I would pretend I was cool with it but after years of the same thing it’s starting to piss me off.

I rabbled on too much but the fact is I was never EVER involved in any of the dating news that broke out.

They may have hit it off while I was present by coincidence at various occasions but the thought that i would tell two people ‘You two start dating. You have to from tomorrow if you don’t I’ll kill you. Do it.’ and it would happen is preposterous.

This dating news as well. I am in fact close with Najin’s Lee Suk Jin but I do not have any connections to Choa. The fact is that we would say hi when we run into each other at broadcasting stations and that’s it.

The saddest thing is ‘Why am I always involved in dating scandals that are not mine..’ If this was my dating sacandal I would just go ‘Please bless our love blah blah…’ or ‘I should have told you guys before I’m sorry blah blah…’

I’ll just take it as another source of adlib for the show . I was going to post a picture I took with Yura and Momo but I guess if I posted the pictures they would publish an article saying ‘Cupid Kim Heechul, is it Yura or Momo this time?'”

— Heechul

Check out the full Instagram post from Heechul below.

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