Heechul Insists He Doesn’t Have A Genital Piercing On “Jessi’s Showterview”

You never know where one innocent question might lead you on “Jessi’s Showterview.”

Jessi and Super Junior‘s Heechul proved to have the most hilarious chemistry on a recent upload of Jessi’s Showterview on YouTube.

And the highlight?

Heechul’s denial that he has a genital piercing!

It all started when Jessi asked Heechul what his original position was in Super Junior.

And as expected, he was in charge of visuals.

This led Jessi to her next question.

Is your face completely natural?

— Jessi

So Heechul provided proof:

But when Jessi still showed skepticism and asked Heechul if he ever got botox, Heechul confessed that he has a fear of needles.

I don’t get botox. I hate needles. That’s why I didn’t even get my ears pierced.

— Heechul

Just as Jessi ran one final scan of Heechul, Heechul got up to prove that he has no piercings anywhere on his body.

I’m not pierced anywhere.

— Heechul

And what followed was hilarity.

Of course, you didn’t get pierced down here. Sit down.

— Jessi

It’s clear that on Jessi’s Showterview, you never know where one innocent question may lead you.

For more giggles, check out the full interview of Heechul below:

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