Heechul Reveals He Got Rid Of His Car Because He Couldn’t Trust Himself

Super Junior’s Heechul opened up about his fear of making a mistake while drunk, so he decided to get rid of his car once and for all.

During KBS’s 1% of Friendship, Super Junior‘s Heechul spoke up that he almost never drives these days because he absolutely loves drinking!

“I love to drink, so I sold my car.” — Heechul


He made the decision that the best way to avoid drunk driving is to get rid of a car as a whole!

“I got rid of my car two years ago. I don’t need a car.” — Heechul


He worried that he might make a “mistake” because of his love for drinking.

“I don’t want people to think, ‘Why are you hanging out with Kim Heechul? He’s weird and problematic!’ I didn’t want to do something where I would disappoint my close friends and fans.” — Heechul


His group member, Kangin was once in hot water because of a drunk driving scandal.

Super Junior’s Kangin fined 7 million won for drunk driving

Many other Korean celebrities have struggled to find success in the industry following their drunk driving scandals like NichKhun, Noh Hong Chul, Gil and more.


Many are praising Heechul for this thoughtful move, as it not only keeps the streets safe but also protects the image of his group members.

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Source: OSEN

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