Heechul To Take Legal Action Against Haters Who Continue To Criticize His Comments About Rescue Dogs

He believes his words were twisted and misinterpreted.

Kim Heechul is fighting back against all of the malicious commenters who have been attacking him for something he said on a pet variety program.

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Previously, the Super Junior member shared his opinions on the hardships of adopting a rescue dog as a first time dog owner. On the most recent episode of Petkage, Heechul made a comment about the responsibilities that come with owning any pet, especially a rescue dog.

Heechul on “Petkage.”

It’s an amazing deed to take care of a rescue dog.

— Heechul

The veteran idol continued by revealing his honest opinions on whether or not first time pet owners should adopt a rescue dog.

Pet experts don’t recommend first time pet owners to adopt a rescue dog. Due to their previous hurts, rescue dogs can take awhile to heal.

— Kim Heechul

And while he commented as a responsible pet owner, the statement that Heechul shared garnered a negative response from not only the public, but also from KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates), which is an animal rights group. Netizens believed that his comments were “stereotyping and stigmatizing” rescue dogs, which are already a stigmatized group.

JTBC expressed their apologies following Heechul’s controversial comment, but KARA continued to share their disappointment, stating that “while [they] understand his perspective, there are still some disappointing aspects to his comment.”

KARA expressed their stance even more, as they shared that the statement could be “misleading” and that if a controversy arises, the “production team should revise, edit or not air the said comment.”

As the controversy continued to heighten, Heechul expressed his disappointment in the misinterpretation of his statement, as he further elaborated on what he meant.

What I meant is that it’s hard to take care of a rescue dog as a first-time pet owner. Love is not enough. It’s about raising them with enough knowledge and information, but somehow, it got twisted in a negative way.

— Heechul

With that said, Kim Heechul publicly stated that he would be taking legal action to those who continue to leave malicious comments regarding the matter.

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