Heechul Claims He’s Not Interested In Getting Married

“I’m not interested in getting married anymore.” — Heechul

On a recent episode of SBS‘s My Little Old Boy, Super Junior‘s Heechul confessed that he’s not interested in getting married.

As most fans know, Heechul is on many variety shows including My Little Old Boy, Knowing Bros, and Delicious Rendezvous.

So Tak Jae Hoon and Lee Sang Min took it upon themselves to ask Heechul which show he would choose over all the rest.

And Heechul didn’t hesitate to put his mother’s interests first.

I’ll pick My Little Old Boy because my mom is so happy about this show.

— Heechul

He went on to explain that he’s not interested in getting married because of how much his mother loves the show.

If I get married, I can’t be on My Little Old Boy anymore. But my mom loves this show. So I’m not interested in getting married anymore.

— Heechul

Regarding Heechul’s conefssion, Heechul’s mother showed mixed reactions from the studio.

He’s a good son. But he needs to get married.

— Heechul

Just last month, Heechul’s mother expressed her concern due to her son’s lack of interest in getting married.

These days, Heechul tells me he doesn’t want to get married. I wonder if it’s because he sees his ‘hyungs’ (older brothers/friends) living a fun life. But I’m worried.

— Heechul

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The decision is ultimately up to Heechul, but as far as the public is aware, Heechul is currently dating TWICE‘s Momo, which was made public back in early 2020.

Marriage certainly isn’t a requirement or ideal for everyone, so let’s hope they both do what makes them happy!

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