Heechul, Momo, And Nayeon Wrongly Faced Controversy, Here’s What Really Happened

The streamer who’s responsible released a formal apology, which has now been deleted.

Former basketball player and current streamer, Ha Seung Jin apologized for mentioning celebrities by name in one of his broadcasts which included Super Junior‘s Heechul, TWICE‘s Momo, and Nayeon.

Ahead of his official apology, the three idols faced controversy after Ha Seung Jin talked about a conversation he had with Heechul over a couple of drinks.

Ha Seung Jin mentioned the names of Heechul, Momo, and Nayeon in one of his stories, but the problem was that he told the story while hinting at Heechul’s relationship with Momo.

In the part in question, Ha Seung Jin shared,

I drank with Heechul Hyung not long ago. You all know who Heechul Hyung is dating, right? Anyway, he showed me a photo of Nayeon and teased me about how I look just like her.

— Ha Seung Jin

And fans were furious. Whether his story was true or false, they criticized the streamer for talking about Momo, who is in a public relationship with Heechul, as well as Nayeon in a way that sounded like bragging and mockery.

In response, Ha Seung Jin released a formal apology, but the statement has now been deleted.

Read the translated apology below:

I’m writing this to apologize for a video I uploaded recently.

Last week, I mentioned the real names of a couple of people during live broadcast and made those people feel very uncomfortable. After the broadcast, I realized I made a big mistake, so I called them to apologize for putting them in a difficult and uncomfortable situation.

After that, an edited video on my YouTube channel was posted, putting them in a difficult situation once again.

It was a highlight reel that I posted lightly, so I didn’t think to monitor all of the content.

After deleting that video, I gave the victims another apology.

I am sincerely sorry for hurting those I mentioned to the point that might not be recoverable.

I will make sure I don’t commit any more thoughtless actions.

I’d also like to apologize to the fans of the idols I’ve mentioned. I’m sorry.

— Ha Seung Jin

Source: Dispatch
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