Hiphop Artist Heize Officially Joins HyunA, DAWN And Jessi Over At PSY’s Label, P-NATION

Her former agency had something to say.

It has been reported that talented hiphop artist Heize has joined PSY‘s label, P-NATION, as a new artist! P-NATION made the official statement on the 16th of September 2020, to welcome Heize into their family.


We have recently signed an exclusive contract with Heize, continuing our fate with each other. She is a singer-songwriter with outstanding talents and sensibilities, hence we are very happy to have her as a new family member.

— P Nation

Heize will be joining the crew of popular artists including HyunA, DAWN, Jessi and of course, PSY himself.

Heize has previously released many hits including “And July”, “SHE’S FINE” and “It’s Raining”, all of which is known that she wrote the lyrics and composed the songs herself. She has even won the best hiphop urban music artist and vocal performance, amongst other awards yearly between 2017 and 2019 at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

| P Nation

P-NATION states that they are looking forward to working on Heize with new music and works in the future. On the other hand, her previous agency, CJ ENM, has also released a statement congratulating her on the news.

We will remember the time we spent with Heize preciously, and we cheer on her new start. We will be supporting her activities in the future as well, through working with P Nation.


Congratulations to both Heize and P-NATION!

Source: Star Today