“Hellbound”‘s Cult Website Is Real—And Netizens Are Confessing Their Sins With One Another

We’re not sure how to feel about this.

Netflix‘s Hellbound made quite an impression on viewers, as the religious-based series took over the streaming platform following its premiere. The show’s unique plot, the dark supernatural beings, and the insane religious cult created one thrilling series. And while most of the elements were just for the K-Drama, it looks like one particular part has made its way into the real world.

Poster for “Hellbound” | Netflix

According to reports, the religious cult found in Hellbound, 새진리회 or New Truth Society, has a real life website—and hundreds of netizens have been sharing their sins with one another online.

Still of New Truth Society performing a hell ritual on “Hellbound” | Netflix

In a recent SBS News report, it was revealed that the website was launched one day before the premiere of Hellbound. Following the mass success of the K-Drama, however, the website has started to gain viral attention amongst netizens, who were curious about the fictional religious group.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the website was just a tribute page for the series, as photos and random bulletins can be found on the homepage.

“New Truth Society”‘s real website | saejinry.modoo.at

However, one particular bulletin page titled “confess your sins here” has started to make waves, as it became the go-to place for confessions. While some “sins” were written as jokes, there were others that seemed to hold more sincerity.

Netizens began sharing their different sins, such as “I watched porn when my mom wasn’t home”“I’m in love with a married man”“I don’t think I’m a good child or a good friend”“I curse people out” and more have been taking over the website.

| Netflix

Meanwhile, Hellbound follows the stories of humans who are doomed to eternity in hell. Supernatural death angels inform the chosen ones of the time and date of their impending death, while a group of officers and lawyers try to pin down the cause of all the chaos.

The 8-episode series is fully available on Netflix, so be sure to check it out.

Source: Insight and SBS