“Hellbound”‘s Horrifying Death Angel Was Portrayed By An Actress From Korean Film “Parasite”

Yes, we said actress.

Netflix‘s Hellbound has quickly gone on to become the next big K-Drama hit on the streaming platform, as it continues to break records left and right. The dark, supernatural series captivated viewers with its thrilling and suspenseful plot, making it an easy headliner. And while the 8-episode series may have concluded its run, the Netflix show is starting to make headlines for something a little different.

Poster for “Hellbound” | Netflix

On Netflix Korea‘s official Instagram account, they recently uploaded an interesting behind-the-scene clip of the creation process behind Hellbound‘s death angel. If you’ve watched the series, you’d know about the death angels—the floating supernatural beings that appear in front of doomed humans to inform them of the time and date of their impending death.

Still of the death angel in “Hellbound” | Netflix

While one may assume that the creation of the death angels may be a full CGI effect, it has been belatedly revealed that not only did someone act it out, it was done by an actress—actress Jung Ji So!

Actress Jung Ji So.

In the short behind-the-scene clip that Netflix Korea provided, followers could see the exact process that was completed to ensure the amazing end result. Jung Ji So can be seen with black dots all over her face, which aids the computers to keep track of the ongoing facial movements. These “dots” provide visible points of reference for the computers, which will go on to create the CGI effects later on.

Jung Ji So in CGI gear acting as “Hellbound”‘s death angel | @netflixkr/Instagram

Netflix Korea also provided additional still cuts from their behind-the-scene filming session with Jung Ji So.

| @netflixkr/Instagram

And while this news alone is completely mind-boggling and shocking, it was even further revealed that the actress was previously in the mega-hit Korean film, Parasite.

Poster for “Parasite” | CJ Entertainment

The 22-year-old actress played the role of Da Hye, who was the daughter of the rich Park family in the Korean film.

Jung Ji So in “Parasite” | CJ Entertainment

For even more context, Choi Woo Shik‘s character Ki Woo, enters the Park family’s home as Dahye’s tutor in the film—which is how the entire plot of Parasite began.

Choi Woo Shik (left) and Jung Ji So (right) in “Parasite” | CJ Entertainment

Whoa, did anyone see that coming? Because we sure didn’t! Check out Netflix Korea’s behind-the-scenes clip of Jung Ji So as Hellbound‘s death angel down below.

Source: WikiTree