Move Over “Squid Game,” “Hellbound” Is Netflix’s New Most Popular Show

It’s the show everyone is talking about.

Viewers around the globe tuned in to see Squid Game‘s players compete in death cames for cash, but now a new K-Drama is taking the top prize!

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Nobody could have predicted how massively popular Squid Game would become. After a decade in the makingSquid Game was released worldwide on Netflix on September 17th. It became the most-watched Netflix show in history, drawing in over 111 million households after just 17 days and over 142 million households after 28 days. In total, it took the top spot in 94 countries.

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The previous record-holder was Bridgerton. This steamy, historical romance series drew in 82 million households in its first 28 days, back in December 2020.

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On November 19th, Netflix unleashed a new K-Drama series that has become an overnight sensation. Hellbound, based on a webtoon of the same name, is a horror show about good versus evil. When supernatural beings arrive to pass judgment on humanity, all hell literally breaks loose.

According to FlixPatrol analytics, Hellbound became Netflix’s most-watched show in 24 countries just a day after its release. In only 24 hours, Hellbound topped the streaming ratings in more than 80 countries!

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Source: The Guardian